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Social Media Management

The key to success in social media is all about one word:  Consistency.

Your fans and followers are interacting with your brand around the clock, not just during the traditional Monday through Friday, 9 -to- 5 business hours…

This is where the power of social media management comes in.

Social Media isn’t your traditional advertising model.  Regardless of the industry you’re in, the X Factor is communication with a remote audience that can plug in anyplace, anytime. Social Media is not just a one-way media platform. It’s an ongoing conversation with your customers and your fan base.

By now you know how important social media is and what it requires. But you don’t have the resources in-house to deal with such a huge task. What are your options?


  • All-in-one social media package covering all social media activities for the business with specific activities and dedicated social media hours for custom requirements of the business.
  • Professional content management with blended unique and sourced content provided in a one-month calendar for review and approval at the start of each month.
  • Total social media strategy covering all aspects of online branding and social media – branding guidelines, message tracks, persona, engagement strategy, content strategy, verticals, and escalation process.
  • Customizable goals for Social Media – content, engagement, and posting tailored specifically for the goal selected.
We also offer content marketing as well as paid advertisement using Google Adwords.

  • We utilize the correct platform with your goals in mind. Depending on your needs, we can do Search Campaigns, utilize Google Display Network, and create Re-targeting campaigns.
  • By analyzing your business and marketing goals, we would use the best ad extensions to boost the performance of your campaign and attract the right visitors to your site.
  • Extensive research at the start of the campaign allows us to understand your business and use the right keywords tied with the best ad text to optimize your campaign. All keywords and text only deployed upon your approval.
  • We monitor and optimize your campaigns constantly to increase the efficiency for each click.
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